In my Backyard

Photos from my motion-detection camera that I have set up in my backyard.


Morning Lights


Morning Lights

Taken around 7am when the light was stunningly bright and vibrant. Sometimes it’s worth it to go out in the -20 degree weather to witness nature’s beauty. It’s a good thing I got out there while I could because this light show was over in 5 minutes.


IMG_0033 EDIT2 IMG_0038 EDIT2During the school day, we students go about our days totally unaware of the work that goes on behind the scenes.  I got the chance to find out a bit more about these operations during the hour I spent shadowing our head custodian Al. He started working the night shift as every newcomer does, then steadily worked his way up to the job he has now, as head custodian. I always used to think of custodial work as a tedious and dirty job but Al insists that he enjoys it. “I’m a laborer” He told me when I asked about his previous jobs. He said he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing if he didn’t enjoy it. As a student, I don’t usually worry about the people who keep my school up and running. It was an eye-opening hour to see the behind the scenes workings of our school.