A Day with the Donkeys.

I spent the morning yesterday documenting my family friends’ donkeys.


For those of my followers who don’t know, I am leaving on September 15th for Southeast Asia.



Halfway through my junior year I decided that I would take a gap year after graduating high school. I didn’t know what I wanted to do for the year but I knew I wouldn’t be happy going right to college. With the help of my parents and my guidance counselor I started the search for a program that would take me abroad and put me in a learning environment outside of the traditional classroom. I came across Adventures Cross Country (ARCC) and was immediately intrigued.

DSCF0124 EDIT         


I applied for their Asia Gap semester towards the end of my senior year and was accepted. After the initial excitement, I realized just how much preparation was necessary (and it’s a lot!). During these three months in Asia I will be with a group of 12 students my age working on service projects for the communities and environments we visit. I’ve been very busy getting packed, vaccinated, and ready to go! I will have limited to no service while I’m gone which means no Facebook updates, no Instagram photos, and no blog posts. However, once I return to the states in mid-December I will have countless photos and stories to share on this page!